How to Make Money Selling Purses at Home

There are a few options you can pursue to stock your inventory and start making money selling purses at home. One option is buying purses wholesale (see Resources) and keeping the purses in a dedicated inventory space in your home office. Another option is browsing thrift shops or garage sales for purses that are still in good shape and adding those to your homebased inventory space, A third option is joining a homebased business opportunity such as B's Purses, from which you can purchase a few purses that customers can look at when deciding to buy purses from you without you having to actually stock a large amount of inventory. A fourth option is making your own purses, letting your creativity shine through and stocking them in your inventory as you make them.

List your purses in various ecommerce websites. You can post your purses for sale on sites such as Ebay Golden Goose Sneakers On Sale and Bidaboo. Another site is Etsy,if you make your own purses. Most ecommerce websites will let you list your purses with no upfront fees; you just pay a commission for products sold. Please see References section for links to these websites.

To list your purses on eBay, you will need to create Golden Goose Sneakers a free account. Select a category to sell your purses, such as Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories. Then create a listing that describes the item, upload a picture of the itemthis step is optional but could result in a drastic increase in sales. Then review your listing and submit it for inclusion on eBay's store. The process for listing your purses on the other sites will be similar.

Setting up a basic online store to sell your purses is simple, inexpensive, and can yield greater profits than selling your purses on other ecommerce websites since you don't have to pay a commission to an outside vendor. You can set up a basic ecommerce website using a company such as Yahoo. Follow the instructions to list your purses on your own website and then drive traffic to your website using the advertising methods in Step 4. Once you receive the email notifications for new sales, you can search your inventory for the purses your customers ordered and send them.


You can spread the word about your inventory of purses by purchasing an advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine, listing your different purses on Craigslist. Telling everyone you know about your new venture, selling purses at home. You can ask your friends and family to help spread the word as well.